Frequently Asked Questions
Am I looking too early?Start touring 30-60 days before your lease ends. Any earlier, the rentals might already be taken by the time you actually need to move.Do I need to tell my landlord I'm moving?Yes, landlords often require a 60-day notice that you are planning to move out. If you don't tell your landlord, you may be stuck renting your current place an extra month or two.Is Sunroom free?Yes! It's a free service for renters to find apartments, homes, and schedule tours. We even help you submit applications quickly!Why should I use Sunroom?
  1. Schedule showings any time you want.
  2. Tour homes you can't find anywhere else.
  3. Get money off rent, whenever possible.
What cities does Sunroom support?Currently we support: Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Huntsville, Birmingham, Greenville, Columbus, Florida, Savannah, Foley/Mobile, Raleigh, Cincinnati, Charleston, Denver, Tucson, Memphis, Baton Rouge, Las Vegas, Indianapolis.
Text us questions
If you have questions about a home or apartment, send us a text. We can call the landlord on your behalf, schedule tours, process your application and also provide general rental hunting tips.

Feel free to link me rentals you find on other sites. We'll make sure you get to tour the home whenever you want!
text (512) 714-3550